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The new products introduced (starting January 2017) by H & F Technologies, Incorporated are listed chronologically as follows:


November 2020:

  1. Audio2000'S S4110 and S4111 White Wireless Microphone Clips
  2. Audio2000'S AST4264BX3 and AST4264BX6 Microphone Mounting Bases
  3. Audio2000'S S2051 and S2052 MIDI Cables
  4. Audio2000'S E80103 3ft White Balanced Microphone Cable


October 2020:

  1. Audio2000'S S6026U, AWM6036U1, AWM6037U, AWM6038U, and AWM6039U UHF Wireless Microphones


August 2020:

  1. Audio2000'S AMX7372, AMX7373, AMX7374, and AMX7375 Professional Audio Mixers with 320 DSP Sound Effects
  2. Audio2000'S AMX7381 and AMX7382 Professional Audio Mixer Amplifiers with 320 DSP Sound Effects
  3. Audio2000'S AMX7334 12-Channel Professional Audio Mixer


September 2019:

  1. Audio2000'S AWM6601U Professional Wireless Microphone
  2. Audio2000'S AWM6036U Dual-Channel UHF Wireless Microphones


August 2019:

  1. Audio2000'S AMX7351, AMX7352, AMX7361 and AMX7362 Audio Mixers
  2. Audio2000'S AWM6308U, AWM6309U, AWM630AU, AWM630BU, and AWM630CU Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Systems


January 2019:

  1. Audio2000'S AMX7304 and AMX7342 Audio Mixers
  2. Audio2000'S ADC271BX2 Dual-Pack Portable Steel Cable Reels


November 2018:

  1. Audio2000'S AST4334BK Folding Vertical Guitar Stand
  2. Audio2000'S AST4363 Double-Brace X-Style Keyboard Stand
  3. Audio2000'S AST4364 Single-Brace X-Style Keyboard Stand
  4. Audio2000'S AST4382BK, AST4441BK, AST4441BL, AST4441PK, AST4441PL Sheet Music Stands
  5. Audio2000'S AST4374 Keyboard Bench
  6. Audio2000'S AST4343, AST4344, AST4345 Guitar Wall Hangers
  7. Audio2000'S AST4346BK AST4346BL AST4346RD Guitar String Winders
  8. Audio2000'S AST4347 Aluminum "A" Guitar Stand
  9. Audio2000'S AST4352 Foldable "A" Stand for Ukulele, Mandolin, and Violin
  10. Audio2000'S AST4342BK, AST4342RD, AST4342WT Premium Guitar Foot Rests Stools
  11. Audio2000'S AST4353BK, AST4353BL, AST4353GL, AST4353RD, AST4353SL, AST4353WT Large Universal Guitar Capos
  12. Audio2000'S AST4354BK, AST4354BL, AST4354GL, AST4354RD, AST4354SL, AST4354WT Acoustic Guitar Capos
  13. Audio2000'S AST4355BK, AST4355BL, AST4355GL, AST4355RD, AST4355SL, AST4355WT Classical Guitar Capos
  14. Audio2000'S AST4356 Premium Aluminum Guitar Capo


August 2018:

  1. Audio2000'S AKJ7809-P Professional Karaoke/PA System


May 2018:

  1. Audio2000'S ADC271B Portable Steel Cable Reel


December 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AST4212 and AST424Z Stands


November 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AWP6407 Professional Wireless PA System


October 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AWM6035U UHF Two-Channel Wireless Microphones


August 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AMX7303, AMX7311, and AMX7321 4-Channel Audio Mixers
  2. Audio2000'S AMX7312, AMX7322, and AMX7332 6-Channel Audio Mixers
  3. Audio2000'S AMX7313, AMX7323, and AMX7333 8-Channel Audio Mixers
  4. Audio2000'S AKJ7405 and AKJ7406 Karaoke Mixing Amplifiers
  5. Audio2000'S AST4444BK Music Stand


March 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AWM6123U UHF Two-Channel Rechargeable Wireless Microphones


February 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AWM6305U In-Ear Monitoring System with Two Receivers
  2. Audio2000'S AWM6306U In-Ear Monitoring System with Four Receivers


January 2017:

  1. Audio2000'S AST4397A Silver Speaker Stand
  2. Audio2000'S ADC2716B Portable Cable Reel
  3. Audio2000'S AWP604C Portable PA System w/TWO Wireless Microphones


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